How I Found My Covington Dentist

My search was for a Covington dentist. Due to a recent job related transfer, my family and I found ourselves in Covington Louisiana. My first priority in getting settled was to locate a reputable family dentist. After careful consideration, I wanted our family dentist to have the following qualifications:

1. Our family dentist needed to be highly qualified and offer comprehensive services for both adults and children.
2. It was necessary that our dental provider accepted our dental insurance plan.
3. The environment of our new dental provider must be a pleasant and cheerful especially for the children.
4. This dentist must have a great repertoire with children.
4. Since time is important with a husband and four children, I wanted a dentist that respected my time and scheduled appointments so I only have a reasonable wait time for services.
5. Another requirement is assurance that in the event of an emergency, my dentist or a dental partner would be available to me or my family.

I interviewed a number of neighbors and acquaintances for a recommendation for the right Covington dentist for my family. I was so surprised that I received the same dentist name that met my qualifications. Dr Grand is an exceptional professional. Once you do your own research, you will be quite pleased with Dr. Grands qualifications for your first choice as dentist Covington.

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